Architectural design of new buildings, existing and listed. From feasibility to final design
Design interior residential and non residential, taking care of the colors and the lighting of the environments in addition to furnishing.
Rendering and photo realistic modelling.
Land registry, completion of practical PREGEO (fractioning and types of cadastral maps) as a result of precise topographic surveys, practices DOCFA (pilings) and statements of successions with relative verification of land ownership.
Design of infrastructure works  of roads, aqueducts and sewers.
Direction of work, general supervision of the works and general control of the work.
Energy certification drafting of energy analysis of the existing buildings and reporting techniques under Law 10/91.
Assistance with deeds, drafting of “reminder” containing analysis of urban planning and cadastral situation of the property in question.
Structural design of new buildings, existing and listed in areas of seismic activity, in particular, wood and steel.
Safety coordination during design and construction, drafting and writing of PSC and PIMUS POS for businesses.
Topographic and architectural surveys carried out with specific equipment for the achievement of a high level of detail.
Technical expertise, analysis and advice to particular situations that require technical judgment.