The refuge originated from 1963 and was built to remember the partisan and mountaineer Dante Livio Bianco. It consisted of a hut in stone masonry with cover plate on two floors above ground.

The various expansions led to the creation of a small kitchen on the ground floor and sanitation; the doubling of the shelter size, towards the lake, has enabled the creation of new beds and then, towards the mountain, the creation of as many toilets. The use of stone has been maintained in the various interventions.

End of first refuge construction:  1963

First extension (kitchen):  1970

Second extension (toilet):  1973

Third expansion (doubling refuge):  project 1982, completion 1982-1985

Fourth expansion (bathrooms behind):  project 1998, completion 1999-2002

Designer:  Archt. Gian Mario Bertarione